Welcome to a Place of Beauty

The Redgranite Quarry continues to be a primary attraction in this quaint village.  Due to the cooperation of many volunteer efforts and village residents, the clean-up of the quarry grounds continues each year.  Many residents and visitors enjoy the beauty of the quarry. Diving Clubs find the Redgranite Quarry to be a favorite place for clear-water diving in the upper mid-west. There are no lifeguards on duty at the quarry. Fishing is also becoming a favorite past-time at the quarry, with many species now stocked and ready for some exciting sporting action.

Redgranite Quarry Park is located on the north side of State Hwy. 21 behind the Post Office, restaurant and bank, in downtown Redgranite, WI. Discovery of red granite at the quarry site in the 1880's sparked a mining boom that brought skilled stone cutters from Europe to settle the hamlet known then as Sand Prairie. Granite paving blocks from the quarry were used in streets as far away as Chicago. The quarry was closed in the 1920s after concrete and asphalt came into popular use for paving. The quarry was designated a village park in 1995. Today the water-filled quarry is  used by scuba instructors for deep water diving certification and by many tourists as well as local residents for fun, sun and relaxation.

Redgranite Quarry Park

We are very proud of our "name-sake" and we expect all those who visit to treat her with care. We expect all garbage to be removed from your picnic area when you leave. Containers are provided on-site for your use. Together, we can insure that our Quarry Park remains open to the public at no cost for years to come. But without your help, that privilege may be in jeopardy.

The Quarry Park is open from 7 am to 7 pm only, so plan your day to end before 7 pm!....the hours are enforced by the Full-time Redgranite Police Department. Please abide by all posted hours and rules while visiting.